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The Pullen Consulting Group uses a coaching methodology to deploy its unique process. The term coaching has become widely used in our society yet often without a clear definition. How does
coaching differ from other methodologies? How does one become a coach?

Coaching is a refreshingly positive methodology for helping individuals and groups work through change. Historically, people were guided to focus on the past to make sense of the present. In contrast, coaching helps people locate and reward their core strengths, using them as powerful catalysts to forward progress.

Different than hour-to-hour sessions or annual family meetings, The Pullen Consulting Group works in the spaces between the meetings. Our proven process, The Integral Story, provides both defined goals and clear measurements of progress.

Coaching is a professional discipline accompanied by degrees and certifications. To effectively coach an individual, a family or a firm requires training, education and experience.



Courtney’s range of knowledge, skills, expertise and wisdom combine to create an invaluable guide and advisor for anyone seeking to enhance their
business results, achieve better communications, or find a path
to personal growth. quote


— Jim Williams, CFP
JF Williams Company, Inc